19 - 22 September
5:15 p.m. & 7:15 p.m.
SeeMe is a curated collaboration of site specific works around the courtyard and entrances at the State Theatre Centre of WA. Curated by one of Perth’s leading independent dance artists, Claudia Alessi, SeeMe is a program of six new works created specifically for particular spaces and areas across the State Theatre Centre Courtyard.  

Choreographers will be activating under-utilised areas of The Courtyard, taking inspiration from the architecture and spaces, including the pond, stairwells, balconies and corridors. 

The program will activate the space for two 30 minute slots from 5:15 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. The schedule is designed to catch audiences before they head to their MoveMe festival shows and after the shows finish. 

The performers are intergenerational, ranging from the young members of Co3 Youth, in a work choreographed by Tyrone Robinson, to the experienced elders of Momentum Dance, in a work created for them by Talitha Maslin, and some exceptional independent dance artists in-between – Storm Helmore, Marnie Orr, Joshua Pether and Sete Tele.

Audiences will experience an intriguing selection of contemporary, site-specific dance works.

The inclusion of SeeMe as part of the larger mainstream dance festival allows audiences to experience the evocative art form of dance in an extremely intimate and unconventional way.  The program offers a really unique viewing experience. SeeMe gives audiences permission to come and go as they would in an outdoor gallery setting.


Don’t miss out on your chance to follow the SeeMe path to the

MoveMe Festival at the State Theatre Centre of WA.

1. Co3 Youth

 Falling from Heaven to Earth’

Choreography: Tyrone Robinson
Music: Doon Kanda
Dancers: Chiara Briotti, Trinity Sorenson, Alisha Subritzky, Makaela Fox, Brianca Venables, Ava Hart, Arianwen Painter-Jones, Otto Pye, Katherine Whitaker, Gabriel  & Sebastian Critti-Schnaars.
Using the title of artist Matthew Ngui’s work Falling from Heaven to Earth; the shooting star, I worked on creating movement inspired by imagery like angels, birds, falling, and gravity.


2. Marnie Orr

 Real Make Fake’

Concept, choreography and performance: Marnie Orr

 Thanks to assistants: Bernie Lewis (choreography)  and Brenton Rossow (art)


3. Momentum Dance


Choreography: Talitha Maslin
Music: Dane Yates
Dancers: Barbara Adler, Liz Cornish, Julie Doyle, Lisa Hinton, Mike Makossa, Ronnie Van den Bergh, Claire Sullivan, Jacqui Otago, Cathy Antalov.

 Returning to nature; an exploration of creating organic landscapes inside an industrial space.


4. Joshua Pether


Concept, choreography and performance: Joshua Pether
Music: Josten Myburgh

 Liminal is a sound and movement installation that explores the ‘in between’. Using objects as well as sound from the State Theatre Centre, Liminal creates a space for audiences to experience an altered reality of one of Perth’s most iconic entertainment venues.


5. Sete Tele – Roving

 ‘Agua de Beber/Vai Inu’

Concept, music, choreography and performance: Sete Tele

 Developed with Lisa Hirmer, this solo performance is a filtered iteration of our ongoing exploration of their participatory performance project – Drinking Water.


6. Storm Helmore


Concept, choreography and performance: Storm Helmore

A temporary interval of quiet invites us to reflect on what has come before and discover something new in the familiar.


See Me Move


19 – 22 September

5:15 p.m. & 7:15 p.m.